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Feng Shui is the relationship between your state of being and your environment, it is the ancient Chinese art of transforming the energy in your space to improve wealth, health, relationships, and increase your overall wellbeing and harmony with life. The more time you spend in a space or room, the more you will be affected by the Feng Shui, which is why your bedroom is undoubtedly the most important room to ‘Feng Shui’. 


The primary role of your bedroom is to promote relaxation, calm your nervous system, and support rejuvenating sleep, therefore Bedrooms are Yin rooms and must invite Yin Qi! Yin relates to inwardness, passive, rest, decreases, darkness, night, moon, the feminine, and contraction. Activate Yin Qi using your five senses for a well-rounded and immersive evening experience. 

1. Choose neutral colours and soft muted tones to support Yin Qi! Bright colours are overstimulating and too energising for a bedroom. 

2. Curate a lighting experience to create ambiance. Dark rooms promote sleep, I suggest blackout curtains at night and sheers to diffuse daylight. Spotlights are harsh, If you are building or renovating dimmable lighting is a must. Lamps with shades create mood and add elegance as well as candles! 

3. Consider aromatherapy, what are the scents that bring you peace? Lavender, Ylang Ylang, and Chamomile are some typical options, for me, I resonate with misty, earthy scents that ground me after busy days. Find your signature scents using oil burners, candles, incense, and diffusers.

4. Opt for breathable and natural materials and fibers for the bedding, curtains, furniture, and rugs to stimulate your sense of touch also synthetic materials are toxic and when inhaled will impact your health. 

5. Chiming clocks, radios, fish tanks, TV, computers, heaters, and plants should be avoided because they bring too much Yang Qi to the room. 


Ventilation is critical for a good night’s sleep, If possible, keep a window open for the fresh air and negative ions to breeze into the room, but don't allow a draft to cross the bed.


Your bed should be positioned against a solid wall with the whole room and door visible while lying in bed, but avoid positioning your bed in direct alignment with the door. That is known as the ‘death position’ and no… it does not mean you will die, but this layout will drain life force energy. 


Bed heads are important! if you are in a relationship the headboard represents security and connection in your partnership, they offer grounding energy, and in Feng Shui, a headboard is referred to as Black Tortoise which represents support at work. Wooden and upholstered bed frames are the most supportive. Avoid bed heads with bars! And metal frames! These attract electrical fields, wood, on the other hand, will absorb EMFs in space. As a general rule, you should keep the room clean and decluttered but especially under the bed! Energy should flow and if there is a build-up under your` bed your body may begin to store this stagnant qi.


In eastern philosophy, the Buddhists believe that when you sleep at night your soul leaves the body and travels to another dimension to heal and recover from life on earth. From this perspective, mirrors must be avoided! Your soul is frightened by its reflection and this leads to exhaustion and sleep disturbances. Another Feng Shui perspective is that mirrors bring too much Yang Qi when they reflect the bed! Therefore avoid or position your mirror accordingly.


Bedrooms are intimate spaces, and when it comes to relationships you can use Feng Shui to support an existing one, or call in a new romantic partnership. In the Southwest sector of the room or the southwest corner of your bedside table, burn candles or place rose quartz. If you are single, set the room up as if a couple was occupying the space, for example have two bedside tables! Hang photos of you and your partner, avoid photographs with family and friends, and/or hang artwork that depicts love! It can be abstract and should be uplifting. Don't hang art that depicts single figures, or evokes depressing feelings. 


Since it is the most personal room in the house curate it intentionally with art and objects that express the inner you. Your memories, achievements, aspirations, values, and personality. I love it when spaces are designed to support moments and rituals too. Consider how your space could prompt something as simple as more reading or a warming evening cocoa/morning matcha.  


A bedroom should never be located in rooms with bad mountain stars because this has the strongest influence on your health and relationships! The most advanced style of Feng Shui uses numerology! This determine's the Mountain Stars in your bedroom, you must work with a practitioner if you want to check the stars in your room to get the most out of your Feng Shui! 


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