What was once a ritual has now transcended into a lifestyle of wellness.

Since 2018, Founder Bec Conforti introduced Prae as a boutique haven for those in pursuit of essentials in the active, beauty, wellness, and lifestyle space. Fast forward, and Prae has evolved into Prae Wellness – a multifaceted lifestyle brand anchored by our flagship boutique at Cornerstone Stores on the Gold Coast, with a new energy, look and feel to match.

Forged from the personal health challenges of its founder, Prae Wellness stands as an homage to the subtle principle of health and wellbeing above all else. We still remain your trusted wellness destination, hosting beloved brands that seamlessly complement your journey to wellbeing. Now with some of our own exciting ideas in the works, our evolution mirrors our commitment to providing you with more than just products, but a holistic experience that resonates with your pursuit of a conscious, balanced and sophisticated lifestyle.

An ode to those who take good care of themselves, Prae Wellness is a an evolution to a life of self care and reminder to seek balance, daily. We strive to inspire our community through curated inspiration, wellness content, and self care tips to guide you toward a more fulfilled life.

With over half a decade in business, Prae Wellness is a testament of our growth — embracing self care as your superpower and inspiring those who, like us, appreciate the art of living well.

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