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If you’re guilty of staying up late watching your latest Netflix binge, or scrolling through your phone on Instagram, then this one is for you. Find out how to fall asleep faster and get the amount of sleep that you really need…

Know your caffeine cutoff 

We all know the feeling of lying awake at night because you had that sneaky afternoon coffee. Trying cutting yourself off earlier in the day or opt for another beverage instead, like a green tea or one of our favourite flavoured Beauty Chef powders in chilled water.

Create a nighttime routine that you love

If you dread going to bed, establish a routine that you look forward to, whether it’s lighting a candle and playing some calming music, or reading a book and using a face mask. 

Your bedroom is your sleep sanctuary

Try to keep your bed exclusive for sleeping. So if you often find yourself working from bed or even just playing on your phone, find a space outside your bed for this.

Minimise screen time close to bedtime

We’ve all heard this one before and we know it’s easier said than done. Try to be disciplined and unwind with a book or a podcast instead of staring at your screen before bed. 

Drink a calming tea

There is nothing more soothing than a warm cup of tea. Our go-to blend is Serenity by Mayde Tea. It’s filled with calming herbs like lavender, rose, passionflower and passionflower to support the nervous and digestive systems. 

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