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Starting your week with a plan helps you feel focused and at ease, which will ultimately increase your productivity. Here at Prae, we believe it all comes down to the prep work you put in over the weekend. If you spend some time on your weekend planning the week ahead and what you’re going to prioritise, you will feel so much clearer and ready to tackle all your tasks, both personal and work-related. 

Plan your week on Sunday 

Spend some time on your Sunday morning or afternoon writing your to-do list, prioritising your tasks, checking over your calendar for both personal and work-related commitments, and also planning out your workouts for the week. 

Plan your meals for the week

Use the weekend to do your groceries for the week and then write yourself a meal plan so you don’t have to think about what you’re eating, particularly for work lunches and dinners if you have a busy schedule. 

Do your washing and cleaning

We know it might sound boring, but we find that it helps to get our washing and cleaning done on the weekend so we go into the new week with a fresh, clean space and laundry. 

Learn to say no 

We simply can’t do everything, so be mindful of your goals and what needs to get done. If someone asks you to do something, take some time to think about whether you can realistically commit to it. Learn to say no to little things so you can focus on the bigger, more important projects. 

Rest and rejuvenate 

Instead of always filling your weekend with social outings and activities, use this time to do things for yourself - whether it’s going to the beach, or getting a massage or facial. This will leave you feeling well rested and ready for the week ahead.