Image by @olivecooke

We place so much importance on our romantic relationships, from maintaining them, to analysing the issues and the breakups. We often don’t think about our friendships, which are ultimately some of the most crucial relationships that we have throughout our lives. As we get older, it’s not uncommon for friends to drift apart as our lives get busier due to careers and children, etc. We also learn to build stronger, closer knit circles, instead of putting energy into friendships that don’t benefit us. Here are some ways that you can check in with your friends and ensure you’re nurturing your most treasured friendships…

Spend Quality Time Together

This might sound simple, but make sure that you spend quality time together, away from your phones. It’s easy to get distracted, but it’s important to focus on each other and listen with intent. It helps to get outside and go for a walk or do a workout together. 

Check in on your friends

Make sure you touch base with your friends regularly, even if they seem fine. Whether you give them a call or even a thoughtful text, especially for friend’s who have recently gone through a transition, whether it’s starting a new job or having a baby, etc.

All relationships require effort

Every relationship requires dedication and effort, you need to make time in order to maintain your friendships. Whether that’s finding time to call your friends, or catching up for coffee or dinner, allocating time and energy, and staying connected, is essential. 

Value your time 

On the same note, you also need to value your time. If you have a friend who isn’t putting in the same effort as you, you need to reevaluate the friendship and decide if it’s worth your time and energy, you both need to be on the same page. 

Be honest

If you can’t be honest with your friends, then who will? We rely on our friends for honesty and support, so ensure that your friends feel that you’ve got their back. It’s also important to hold your friends in high regard and expect them to keep their promises. Ask them questions and help them become self-aware and conscious of their decisions. They may not always like what you have to say at first, but they’ll thank you in the long run.

Celebrate the little wins

Be a positive force in your friend’s lives and celebrate their achievements. We often only focus on the big moments, like getting engaged or having a baby, but you should also take the time to celebrate the smaller wins like getting a promotion at work or completing a fitness challenge.