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It’s almost a new year (a crazy thought, we know), but there’s no better time to reflect on the year that was and make plans for the year ahead. We find that it helps to go into a new year with clear and defined goals, in order to give you focus and direction. Whether it’s goals related to your health and fitness, or work and finance, take the time to write it all down and think about how you’re going to realistically achieve it all. Here are five simple steps for planning out your goals and staying on track for the new year…

1. Reflect, review and refocus

A lot can happen in a year! Take the time to reflect on what happened in 2021, whether big or small, high or low - write down what you’ve achieved and how you could improve next year. Once you’ve reviewed last year, refocus for the next 12 months. Think about where you’d like to be personally, professionally and financially by the end of 2022. 

Personal goals

This could be related to eating a balanced diet, or making time for friends and family by doing X and Y.

Professional goals

Perhaps you’re seeking a promotion at work by doing X, Y and Z, or you’re wanting to start your own business. 

Financial goals

You might be saving for a trip or a house deposit by cutting back on X and Y, or increasing your income by X. 

2. Be specific

It’s important to make sure that your goals are well defined and realistic. Consider what you’re hoping to achieve and when you want to achieve this by. This will give you direction and purpose to help you work towards actually accomplishing your goals. 

3. Identify potential road blocks

Although we should be approaching our goals with a positive mindset, it also helps to identify any possible issues that lie ahead and how you can overcome them. If you do face a road block, don’t give up! Give yourself time to feel either disappointed or annoyed, and then refocus and move forward. 

4. Have an action plan

Once you have an understanding of how you can achieve your goals, put together a plan with milestones you can tick off every week or month to monitor your progress along the way. This helps you stay focused and it makes your goals less daunting.

5. Celebrate the wins

It can be easy to lose sight of your goals, so make you celebrate all the wins along the way, even if they’re only small. Remember that all of these little wins are getting you one step closer to achieving your main goal. 

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