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How to tap into your spiritual side with mirror gazing and understanding why our unity of our human/spiritual aspects are our gateway for self-fulfilment.

Written by Daniela Schmutz, Founder of Aiyana.

It is profound to truly understand that we are limitless, forever met with opportunity to grow, shape-shift and transform entirely if we want to at any given moment.

Everyone is intuitive, which are our senses and 'gut feelings’ where we are pulled by a certain direction or if something isn't safe or create an urgency or hesitance, or first impressions you may have about a place, person or event. Intuition is a broader feeling that something may not be quite right or feel so accurately certain, which arises at its own accord, and you may have a unique feeling but can’t explain why. It is natural and a latent instinct of survival which can also arise as a 'fight, flight or freeze’ response.
Intuition is the small whisper, the hunch, the last minute change of mind and can be greatly useful when you listen and chose to follow through when intuitive guidance is being received as the more you actually trust every little whisper and gut feeling, your connection to the spirit world becomes more open, stronger and available to you as you are beginning to trust in blind faith with your actions and following through on your hunches and how you approach and experience each dynamic, circumstance or event taking place.

To tap into Psychic skills there are different avenues of psychic communication, which does take dedication and an understanding through learning of whom you are connecting with in the spirit world, understanding how to 'tune in' and know where your information is coming from. The best thing about this is, everyone has the ability to do this if they are willing to do the work and if this path is calling you to embark upon!

I teach Psychic Development and it is incredible to see how each client uniquely identifies their connection to source through my tools and techniques to manage their connection and support their openings with guidance.

One beautiful, and quite a playful tool I would love to share for you to travel deeper to your inner realms is Mirror Gazing.

Mirror gazing itself, can be used in a very light way, and has the ability for you to travel inwards in deeper ways too, not to mention other dimensions.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or more advanced as this can start to deepen your connection to the spiritual world. Anyone can enjoy this tool. It is a beautiful avenue to create a more harmonious connection to self and start to break down the walls of any lowered self-image and human limitation and start to allow yourself to be properly seen by yourself in order to build new levels of love within.
Going further with mirror gazing to tap into your spiritual insight is what I am guiding you to delve into today.

When we start listening to our spiritual connection, our sensations and going inwards more often, it brings positive release and helps us to healthily detach from the expectations of outside influences/opinions and external pressures. Doing this work, allows us to gain a new foundation of trust and self-security which in truth, can shift our external dynamics for the better and challenge our own belief system so that we break down old ways of perception, limitation and storytelling. And instead, start living in the moment trusting our personal cyclic senses and inward knowledge. This is where we uncover the secrets of our own universe and create relationships in alignment to our vibration that suits our personal flow. Life becomes a lot freer and more fun when we truly know how to tap inwards and anchor that into our human experiences.

Let’s begin:

Note: There is no outcome to expect or pre-empt, everyone’s experience is unique to their path.
Have a read of the steps first before going in so you have an idea of how this works.Simply stay open and give the intention to receive what is meant for you for each mirror gazing session you have with yourself. When doing any spiritual connection tool, the mind needs to take a back seat, because if you are looking and trying to make sense of what is happening, you can accidentally block cosmic flow.

1. It’s important to set up your space, whether you’d like to put on some relaxing music, or any healing frequency sounds like Tibetan bowls/sound bath music/shamanic drumming etc. (You can find these on YouTube or use your own relaxing music or choose silence).
Light candles if you want to, bring your mirror into a space where you can sit comfortably. You can bring blankets to keep you snug, or some people like to be fully nude because it allows us to fully embrace who we are, and the body you hold as your home. Have a journal nearby if you want to write down insights afterwards when your practice is complete.

2. Set a timer on your phone for 30-40 minutes or an hour - however long you want to enjoy the practice, so you aren’t worried about time. It’s important to disconnect from technology and fully go within without distraction. If you are new to this, I suggest minimum 30 minutes for your first go, as patience is a virtue, and the building blocks require trust and holding yourself in the receiving mode. If you are used to being ‘go-go-go’ often, it can take a little longer to settle so give yourself extra time.

3. Once your space is set up, take about 5-10 minutes to ground yourself. I suggest gazing gently into your eyes while you unwind and just start to fully see yourself. You can either play a grounding meditation or use any breath work technique. For example: Belly breathing 4 counts inhale, 1 second pause, 4-6-8 counts exhale to really ground and relax you.

4. Next, keep your gentle gaze and bring your attention to your heart space and start to breathe into your heart as if all your energy is resting there, and keep this unity connection as breathing here really gets you into the receiving mode. Connecting to the heart is also our link to our emotional body, so if you do feel emotional doing this exercise- this is normal, breathe deeper until it clears and just hold your space with love and let it flow as they are only emotions that may have been suppressed and want to be released. You can say as you breathe into your heart “It’s safe to release these emotions”. You don’t need to attach to any emotion that arises, simply breathe and allow the sensations to shift.

5. Bring forward an intention for your practice, whether you’d like some clarity or insight to support a present situation from a future self of you or insight from your spiritual guides.
Start with your intention “I’m ready to connect to my spiritual realms, I welcome insight, knowledge and wisdom to support me today”. Then follow by using any of the examples below:Examples:
“I call forward my future self in 5 years’ time (any years on), I want to know what your advice is on how I can support myself in (any experience). Please provide guidance and steps for me to embrace what is happening/changing/unfolding”.“My soul self, please support me. I need some information and wisdom to help me with....”“My guides/source/god/universe (whatever you believe in)- I would like some clarity with....”

6. Focus on your eyes, they are the window to our soul and our essence beyond human form. You may start to notice you are transforming before your eyes and may see other faces come through. This is the time especially to ensure that your mind doesn’t try to impose, as if it does- you’ll snap back out of gazing mode. Its ok if it happens, just breathe and relax and re-connect especially if you are new to this as it takes time to trust and be patient as you learn to embrace a different way of connecting inwards. Let yourself gaze through your eyes, then you will start to notice, you will go beyond your eyes, and this is where the magic starts.

7. During your time holding your gaze, you can talk to your future self (who may appear through your reflection and/or you may feel you actually embody your future self in your body, so it’s like having a chat to yourself in the mirror but you know the energy is different. Your future self usually feels more stable and grounded with those extra years of wisdom and experience having been through everything you haven’t yet).
You can also talk to any faces you see if you are asking for insight from your guides. Trust any words, colours, sensations, visuals, memories or metaphors you encounter as this is where you are starting to connect and gain your insight. The more you do this, you can start to hold full conversations with a future self or any of your guides and ask further questions the more comfortable you are and the more you trust the stronger your messages become.

8. If you feel like your body is shifting/separating in energy, this is normal and ok. Trust the process and let the mystery unfold for your own practice. As when you are ready to come back out, you will come back into unity with your body, so enjoy the unknown, enjoy the ride.

9. Once you are ready to finish, you can say thank you to whomever you have been connecting with and slowly take deep belly breaths giving the intention to fully come back into your body, in the present time and wait till you feel a ‘lock’ back into place.
Finishing will either be because you have received what you need, or you will feel the energy simply complete, and you will start coming back into the room automatically.

10. Journal insights and anything that came up for you. Even if they are messages that don’t make sense yet because this is where you can start to build trust and connect the dots as your life unfolds.

11. Like anything in life, the more you practice, the more you have deeper experiences as you layer your confidence. Nothing is off the table when you go inwards like this and it’s important not to dismiss anything ‘strange or weird’ if you haven’t experienced it before. Welcome to the realms of ‘anything goes’. And - the more you trust in blind faith with the information that comes through, and you also take action in alignment to your messages, the stronger your connection will become, and this is what starts to enhance and enrich your experiences in your everyday life.
Like I said, everyone’s way of connecting is unique, so the more you trust and interpret these messages, whispers, metaphors and random insights - the more freedom and enjoyment you can bring into your world and enhance connection in relationships.
Not only will this tool build confidence, self-security and positive self-image, it will enhance your natural intuition and start to open new pathways to your innate gifts within.

12. You can use this tool as often as you like :). ENJOY!


Daniela is a Psychic Reader- a direct source for channelling, she is also a Life Coach, Energetic healer and creator of her all-natural micro-dosing vibrational elixirs. Daniela supports clients to create a stronger bond of self-connection and evolving in a way where we can create opportunity and value with what we want in life through our internal relationship with ourselves on all levels. Working with Daniela brings you into a journey of self-discovery and awakening for shifts to occur.

With sharing her powerful gifts of connection to Psychic realms and light language healing mixed with practical Coaching, clients gain clarity and empowerment for their path ahead whilst learning new tools to build a strong foundation of belonging, expand conscious awareness whilst also birthing new levels of embodying self-worth, innate love, stability and freedom.
You can work with Daniela for any avenue of your life as she supports forward movement from any present state to create opportunity and space for healing, solution, insight, spiritual education and connection.

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