Retinol has become one of the most talked about beauty products for it’s amazing anti-aging benefits, but it’s not the easiest product to implement into your routine. Your skin has to build up a tolerance to it, and you need to start with a really gentle formula to avoid irritation. One of our favourite natural skincare brands, Edible Beauty, have just launched an amazing natural alternative to retinol which we can’t get enough of.


The Beauty Reset Drops have been formulated to soften fine lines and wrinkles, and enhance the appearance of smooth and firm skin. Derived from the Ayurvedic Babchi plant, Bakuchiol is a plant-based oil which gives you a beautiful, dewy glow, without the dryness and irritation which can be associated with traditional retionol use.

These magical drops also contain Squalane, which is naturally present in our skin in the form of fat, produced by oil glands to hydrate and maintain our skin’s barrier. Over time Squalane diminishes, which leads to dehydrated, sagging skin and premature ageing. The Beauty Reset drops contain olive-oil derived Squalane, which mimics the natural alternative, deeply penetrating the skin and providing immediate, long-lasting hydration.

These must-try beauty drops also have Orchid and Magnolia Extracts – Akoactive Garuda, which is full of powerful polyphenols and antioxidants which stimulate skin elasticity and firmness, and decreases skin roughness and wrinkles.

Try using the Beauty Reset drops morning and night after your serum, but before your lotion, for visibly plumper and smoother skin in just a few weeks.