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It’s no secret that balance is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. An alkalising diet has gained popularity as it’s centred around finding a healthy balance in what you eat. Rather than taking extreme measures and completely cutting out certain foods, it simply helps you make better daily eating choices to help balance acidic and alkaline levels. 

An alkaline diet tends to be low in fat and calories, limiting the consumption of acid-forming foods like meat, dairy, alcohol and refined sugar, which naturally promotes a healthy body weight and decreases your risk of heart disease. As a rule of thumb, to find a healthy balance, your diet should ideally consist of 80 per cent alkaline forming foods and only 20 per cent acid-forming foods. 

How to follow an alkaline diet

• Enjoy a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, including 1-2 serves of fruit, plus 2 or more serves of vegetables with every meal

• Enjoy moderate amounts of eggs and dairy products 

• Limit your consumption of red meat to less than 2 serves per week

• Limit poultry consumption to less than 2 serves per week 

• Limit salt intake 

• Avoid refined grains, processed meats and soft drinks 

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