Images by Emilie Ristevski - @helloemilie

Whether you’re into astrology or not, you’ve most likely heard of Mercury retrograde. Essentially its an astrological phenomenon where the typically fast-moving planet Mercury slows down and appears to move backwards. As Mercury is the planet that rules communication, travel and technology, this means that when it’s in retrograde, things can go astray. You can except frequent misunderstandings, scheduling issues, disagreements, brain fog and more. 

We’re currently in the third and final retrograde for the year, beginning on September 27 and lasting through to October 18. This retrograde is in Libra, which is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and affection. The Libra sign is relationship-oriented, and is associated with peace and harmony. This means that this retrograde will likely affect relationships most, causing us to take a closer look at our unions and possibly reevaluate where we invest our time and energy, in order to find balance and build stronger foundations.

Whilst Mercury retrograde might sound like a negative concept, you can use this time to slow down, remember and connect. It helps to know what not to do during a retrograde, so you can best prepare and ensure that you don’t have any mishaps…

1. Hold off on signing any contracts

2. Be prepared for travel and other travel issues

3. Avoid situations that are likely to result in a misunderstanding

4. Don’t rely on technology 

5. Refrain from starting anything new