Image: @raynjermain

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed if you’ve got an overflowing to-do list, or if some things in your personal life are requiring a lot of time and energy, especially during the current, uncertain times. Here are some simple, yet useful tips and tricks to help you refocus and overcome that swamped and stressed-out feeling…

1. Organise your space

If you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed at work, it helps to tidy and organise your workspace. It’s always easier to get things done, and you’ll see things clearer if your space is in check.

2. do a workout 

Physically and emotionally separate yourself from your worries with a workout. Whether it’s a long, slow walk whilst listening to your favourite podcast, or a sweaty HIIT session, you’ll feel lighter and happier in no time.

3. Prioritise and write a to-do list

If you’ve got a lot on your plate and you don’t know where to start, it always helps to prioritise your tasks and write a to-do list. We find that it helps to put the higher priority jobs at the top of your list, and start with the more difficult, time-consuming tasks, then you’ll feel instantly at ease once you get to the easier tasks.

4. Meditate 

It’s no secret that we’re big advocates for meditating - it reduces stress, helps manage anxiety and depression, and improves focus and concentration. Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, take 10-15 minutes to meditate to help you feel calmer and more focused. 

5. Take a break and set yourself time to worry

Sometimes you just have to give into your worried thoughts and allow yourself time to work it out. Set yourself a timer for 5-10 minutes to think about your concerns. This will help you hopefully find a solution, and it means you won’t be disrupted by your worries for the entire day.