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You’re probably used to hearing about the five love languages in reference to relationships. The concept was developed by a marriage counsellor, Gary Chapman, as he found that couples expressed love in different ways, so it helped to determine each person’s love language to understand how they like to receive love, to build a more open and responsive relationship. 

Considering that our personal love language is something that we recognise within ourselves, and it’s something that can’t always be fulfilled by a significant other, it’s important to relate your language to 


Here are some ways that you can show yourself some love in the most effective and meaningful way. If you don’t know your love language yet, you can take this quiz

Acts of Service

Complete something on your to-do list
Declutter and clean your space
Set yourself some new goals
Book an appointment (dentist, car service, doctor, etc)
Cook yourself a delicious, nourishing meal

Physical Touch

Have a long, relaxing bath 

Book a hair or nail appointment - treat yourself!

Do a light stretching or yoga workout 

Book yourself a massage


Words of affirmation 

Compliment yourself
Start a gratitude journal
Meditate using self-love mantras
Write a list of all the things you’ve accomplished this year
Practice daily affirmations 

Quality Time

Go for a long solo walk
Watch the sunrise or sunset
Schedule a solo date night
Do a home workout 
Read a book

Receiving Gifts 

Buy yourself a bunch of flowers
Try a new gym class
Take yourself out for breakfast 
Order your favourite takeaway for dinner
Treat yourself to something on your wish-list