Make the Switch

We’re beyond passionate about finding natural and clean alternatives here at Prae, especially when it comes to our skincare and beauty essentials. The products we apply onto our skin are absorbed directly into our bloodstream, so it’s crucial that we use gentle, non-toxic products. 

Foundation: This is the product that you generally use the most of and it goes on your entire face, so start minimising your exposure to any potentially harmful chemicals by swapping to a natural foundation.

Mascara: Whilst you might think it can't be too harmful using a mainstream mascara because it's only going on your lashes, most mascaras are full of damaging ingredients and this residue can become embedded in your eyelids. Try a more natural alternative to protect your eyes, and help lengthen and strengthen your lashes.

Cleanser: Cleansing is the most important step in your skincare regime, so this should be one of the first clean beauty swaps that you make. Mainstream cleansers contain a number of preservatives and fragrances which can damage your skin's microflora, function and appearance.

Lipstick: Lipsticks are one of the most toxic beauty products as they contain a mixture of petroleum-based chemicals which are absorbed each time you lick your lips. Try a natural, oil-based lipstick as they also help moisturise and hydrate your lips.

Deodorant: Mainstream antiperspirant deodorants contain harmful ingredients like aluminium, and don't allow the body to properly release sweat and toxins which can cause clogged pores and irritation. Whilst natural deodorants neutralise body odour and eliminate bacteria.