Winter Skin 2021

As much as we love the glorious cooler weather with the beautiful clear, blue skies and crisp air, it instantly takes a toll on our skin, leaving it feeling dull and dry. Find out how to keep your skin bright and hydrated this season with these prae essentials.  

01. Biologi: BR - Unrefined Rosehip Oil
Give your skin a little extra nourishment with Biologi’s silky and super hydrating unrefined reship oil. It’s ideal for dry skin, post acne skin and premature ageing.

02. Mukti: Botanique Lotion
It’s important to not only keep the skin on your face smooth and glowy, but also the rest of your body. This soothing lotion will give your skin an instant surge of moisture, without a greasy residue. 

03. Beauty Chef: Flora Fix Balm
This handy little balm relives dry, rough skin, whilst smoothing fine lines and hydrating. Formulated with lactic acid, you can use it on your lips, eyes, hands, feet, and more. 

As always, each of the products recommended are sustainably produced with 100% natural and gentle ingredients.