It’s no secret that the Gua Sha is one of our go-to daily beauty tools. Although this aesthetically pleasing stone has recently increased in popularity, appearing all over Instagram and TikTok, the Gua Sha actually predates modern medicine, originating in China, where Gua Shas were used to treat particular illnesses. Discover the benefits of using a Gua Sha as part of your daily skincare routine…

Promote blood circulation 

By gently scraping your skin with your Gua Sha tool, you’re sending your body a signal that this area needs more blood circulation, and causing a rapid rush of blood to the area. 

Improve fine lines and wrinkles

Regular Gua Sha users say that the tool can help minimise fine lines and wrinkles, and boost your skin’s elasticity, leaving your skin with a glow and a firmer appearance.

Promote lymphatic drainage

Using a Gua Sha daily helps eliminate fluid build-up, which can reduce puffiness by draining the lymph out of the face and neck. This results in firmer, more toned-looking skin. 

Relieve muscle tension

Applying pressure with a Gua Sha on a regular basis can help untangle reoccurring knots and release built-up muscle tension. Using a Gua Sha also helps to relieve tension in your face, head, jaw and neck. 

Watch our How To Gua Sha video here

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